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Agenda April 15, 2014

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ASSET MAPPING EXERCISE - Wednesday, April 23
As part of the Competitive Florida Partnership program, a Community Asset Mapping Exercise will be conducted in the City of Port St Joe next Wednesday April 23rd (see link to agenda below).

The Department of Economic Opportunity staff will take the lead in this exercise; they will bring a team of representatives from FDOT, FDEP, Enterprise Florida, Great Northwest Florida, Opportunity Florida, Department of State, and other state and regional entities. The City's team includes representatives from the PSJRA, Gulf County Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, TDC, State College and the City Manager. It is estimated that 30 people will take part in the exercise.

This should be a great tool for the community as we continue to develop an Action Plan for economic development. You are all invited to join the group for lunch and the afternoon discussions; your input is very important! Please let Marina Pennington marina.pennington@comcast.net know if you want to join the group for lunch to make reservations. (Each person will be responsible for his/her own bill.)
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Water Sample Volunteers Needed:
The City of Port St. Joe Water Department is asking for water customers who have copper water lines in their house to volunteer to take part in the Lead and Copper sampling event. This required sampling is performed every three years and needs 60 sites located throughout our distribution system. We have a list of sites approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, however it needs updating and revising so we are asking for homeowners to call 229-6395 for more information and to get signed up for the upcoming sampling to be conducted July-September 2014. We will deliver a sample kit to you and instruct you where and how to collect the sample. Thank you for your cooperation and help.

NEW! Port St. Joe's Competitive Florida Partnership
The City of Port St Joe has been selected as a pilot community for the Competitive Florida Partnership with the Department of Economic Opportunity. The Competitive Florida Partnership will help rural communities value and market local assets and challenge them to set realistic goals for advancing their economic development vision. As part of this program, the City is preparing an Action Plan to promote economic development . The City has organized six teams to begin the process of identifying "Projects and Activities" to be included in the Action Plan. Citizens are invited to join these teams and provide comments. For more information,click the link below.
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Port St. Joe's Park System Now Featured Online
Our website now offers an entire section featuring the city's park and trail system, from Jetty Park at the marina to the end of the Port City Trail at Gulf Coast State College. Twelve pages of information and more than 70 photos provide a "bird's eye" view.
Website: click here

Home Potable Water Flushing
If you are part of the phase one water system replacement, once the work for water supply is completed you may want to flush the plumbing for your household. The water is delivered to your home through the water meter but once it gets to the house, the distribution system has several branches. To ensure that your entire system is clean, follow the following steps which may need to be repeated...
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