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Resolution NumberTitle
2018-13   County and City Commissioners join in the procurement of the services of Horne, LLP as its disaster recovery consultant.   
2018-12   Hurricane Michael Extension of State of Emergency    
2018-11   Hurricane Michael State of Emergency    
2018-06   Bay view Subdivision   
2018-05   City Commission elections 2018   
2018-04   Centennial Building Grant Application   
2018-03   Section 3, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Policy   
2018-02   Long Avenue SR7 Facilities Plan   
2017-11   Hurricane Irma Declared State of Emergency   
2017-10   Impact Fee Schedule   
2017-09   A Resolution of the City of Port St. Joe repealing Resolution #2008-09, establishing a local preference policy in awarding of City's contracts; and providing for an effective date.   
2017-08   A Resolution Authorizing A grant application for Centennial Building    
2017-06   A Resolution adopting a schedule of fees, charges and expenses related to row utilization/construction permits.   
2017-05   Supporting the Magnuson-Steves Act   
2017-04   Urging all members of the Florida Legislature to Oppose HB 17 and SB 1158 which preempts local business regulations, prohibits local government from imposing or adopting any new regulations on business unless expressly authorized by legislature.    
2017-03   A Resolution of the City of Port St. Joe establishing a cross-connection control program.   
2017-03   Establishing a cross-connection control program   
2017-02   Support renovation of the Port city Trail with recreational trails program in Florida (RTP)funding; and providing for an effective date.   
2017-01   A Resolution Adopting Scheduled fees, charges and expenses related to programs and facilities provided by the city.   
2016-09   A Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Port St. Joe, Authorizing the inclusion on City Utility Bills of a voluntary charge to be paid in addition to monthly utility charges: Authorizing City staff to determine appropriate forms and processes for collecting said voluntary contributions, providing for the use and distribution of said voluntary charges; identifying certain non-departmental appropriations for which said voluntary charge may be used ; providing for an amount which may be charged; providing for an effective date.   
2016-08   A Resolution Adopting Scheduled fees, charges and expenses related to programs and facilities provided by the city.   
2016-07   A Resolution , adopting a policy for the protection of individuals engaging in non-violent civil rights demonstrations, repealing all resolutions in conflict herewith, and providing for an effective date.   
2016-06   Grant Application for Centennial Building    
2016-05   First Primary Municipal Election May 10, 2016 for election of City Commissioners in Groups III and IV   
2016-04   Approval of Port St. Joe's Community Development Block Grant    
2016-03   Roadside Beautification Assistance Program   
2016-02   A Resolution of the City and the United States of America to support efforts of the Port St. Joe Port Authority to make the Port of Port St. Joe, Florida a viable operational seaport.   
2016-01   Resolution authorizing the execution of the Florida Department of Transportation SCOP Agreement.   
2015-11   Resolution State Revolving Funds   
2015-10   Resolution Agreement with Lighthouse Utilities Company for certain services in connection with the operation of the Cape San Blas Sewer System   
2015-09   Resolution adopting a schedule of fees for waste haulers.   
2015-08   Resolution adopting the Gulf County Local Mitigation Strategy   
2015-07   Gulf County Emergency Management Plan   
2015-06   A Resolution Modifying Ord. 455 Providing Temporary Reduction in its Capital Facilities Charge for Water and Wastewater   
2015-05   Resolution authorizing a grant application for Phase III Cape San Blas Lighthouse.   
2015-04   Rural Business Enterprise Grant - Open Air Information Center   
2015-03   Election May 15, 2015   
2015-02   Did not pass due to publishing error   
2015-01   Did not pass due to publishing error   
2014-18   Healthiest Weight Florida Initiative   
2014-17   Resolution expressing support RAO   
2014-16   Construction of PSJ Pathway for Health and History Phase II   
2014-15   Re authorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act   
2014-14   Grant Application for Phase III Cape San Blas Lighthouse   
2014-13   Vacating a portion of McClellan and Dickens Subdivision   
2014-12   Dumping Fees Solid Waste Water Hauler Services   
2014-10   Recreational User Fees - Amending 2014-02   
2014-09   Gulf Coast Parkway    
2014-08   FDOT Maintenance Contract Phase IV Landscaping   
2014-07   PSJRA Board Dissolution   
2014-06   Grant Application Open Air Information Center Amending 2014-05   
2014-05   Open Air Information Center   
2014-04   PSJ Port Authority Viable Operations Seaport   
2014-03   Jetty Park Grant Application   
2014-02   Recreation Fees - Boat Launch Fees Amending 2014-01   
2014-01   Fees, City Facilities   
2013-09   Scheduled Fees for Waste Collection    
2013-08   Enterprise Zone Expansion   
2013-07   Regions Bank Loan   
2013-06   Pay Scale for city employees   
2013-05   Interment Fees   
2013-04   Accepting full settlement of claims against BP...   
2013-03   Election of City Commission   
2013-02   SWAT   
2013-01   NPSJ Landscaping   
2012-04   Scheduled fees for collection of waste   
2012-03   NPSJ Water Improvements Signature Authority   
2012-02   Cape San Blas Lighthouse   
2012-01B   Election   
2012-01A   Rural Business Enterprise Grant $200,000.00   
2012-01   Rural Business Enterprise Grant USDA MLK   
2011-06   Revolving Fund Loan   
2010-01   Resolution Community Redevelopment Plan   
11-05   City Election   
11-04   Roadside Beautification   
11-03   State Revolving Fund   
11-02   Brownfield Assessment   
11-01   Recreation User Fees   
10-16   Regions Bank Loan   
10-15   Let's Move Campaign   
10-14   Rural Business Enterprise Grant   
10-13   Regions Bank Loan   
10-12   DOT LAP Agreement for Madison/Garrison Multi-use Path   
10-11   State Revolving Fund   
10-10   Recreation User Fee Schedule   
10-09   State of Emergency Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill   
10-08   Development Fee Schedule   
10-07   Elections   
10-06   LAP Multi-use Path   
10-05   Revolving Fund   
10-04   National Marine Fisheries Services   
10-03   PSJRA Parking Lot Purchase   
10-02   2008 Disaster Recovery CDBG Grant funds to DCA   
09-27   FDOT Agreement Crosswalk   
09-26   Rescinding Resolution 2008-11   
09-25   PSJE After School Program Building   
09-23   Support for National Guard & Reserve   
09-22   Rural Area of Critical Economic Concern   
09-21   Local Mitigating Strategy   
09-20   NWFLC Amending 4 Resolution   
09-19   Sunset Circle   
09-18   Amending Ordinance 401   
09-17   Amending Ordinance 400   
09-16   Rural Infrastructure Grant Water & Sewer   
09-15   CDBG Grant Application for North PSJ   
09-14   CDBG Grant Application for NFCD   
09-13   LAP Agreement