The Washington Improvement Group (WIG) of North Port St. Joe

The Washington Improvement Group (WIG) is a local 501-c-3 non-profit organization whose operations are located at the site commonly known as the Washington Recreational Site, the former Washington High School site in the northern part of the City of Port St. Joe. Some of its services over the years have been to provide a "one-stop" location offering a weekly foodbank, home buying workshops, employment preparations, information resource center, etc.

The Washington Improvement Group, Inc. (WIG) was organized in 1993 with its mission being to serve the North Port St Joe community through a commitment to ensuring growth and positive change in the areas of community economic development, education, cultural issues, and social concerns. WIG strives to be a unifying force in North Port St. Joe and helps to forge an alliance between civic, service, religious, social, and fraternal organizations.

Many alliances, i.e., Jessie Ball DuPont Fund, City of Port St. Joe, Career Source, etc., and partnerships have been developed along with the services and projects that have empowered the North Port St Joe community as well as neighboring communities.

Provided by Minnie Likely