Code Enforcement

The City of Port St. Joe Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of all City Ordinances involving the health and welfare of all our Citizens and visitors. Additionally the Code Enforcement Officer is charged with keeping our City free of junk debris and other unsightly items that would detract from the natural beauty of our City. The following items are examples.


The City has contracted with BCC to provide residential and commercial garbage collection service. Trash is collected one time per week for residential customers. Please place trash cans on the roadside the night before scheduled pick up day. Once the trash has been collected please remove the can from the street. All trash must be in trash bags and placed inside of the cans. The contractor is not required to pick up trash which is not in the trash can.

Commercial collection is performed several times per week depending on the needs of the customer. Further information on commercial service may be obtained by contacting BCC at 850-238-3609. The City also provides roadside collection of yard debris these items may not be mixed with household garbage and must meet the requirements of City Ordinance 415. All other items placed for collection will require a special pickup to be scheduled with the Public Works Department at (850) 229-8247 and may require a fee. All trash piles found in violation will result in a Notice being mailed to the occupant giving 48 hours notice to comply or the City will pick up the items and place a charge on the occupant's utility bill.

Grass and unlawful accumulation

All grass on residential, commercial and vacant lots must be kept cut to a reasonable level to keep down fire danger and deter rats and other animals from the property. All Junk and debris need to be kept to a minimum and may not be scattered across the property causing it to be unsightly and a possible to danger to others. (City Ordinance 296)


Storage of junked automobiles: Unsheltered storage for a period of 30 days or more within the corporate limits of the city is prohibited. Junk autos other vehicles, machinery, implements or equipment or personal property of any kind which is no longer safe or usable for the purposes for which it was manufactured is prohibited. Any vehicle which does not have a current tag shall be considered a junked automobile. (City Ordinance 296)


All signs must meet the requirements of the City of Port St. Joe Land Development regulations which can be located on our Land Development Regulations page.

Business Licenses

Anyone conducting business inside the City limits of Port St. Joe must obtain a Business Licenses. The application can be found on our Downloadable Forms page and must be submitted to City Hall along with the proper fee. All Business licenses must be renewed annually on October 1st.

Enforcement Process

The steps involved in the Code Enforcement process are as follows:
1. Warning (Verbal or Written)
2. Notice of violation with compliance date
3. Re-Inspection for compliance
4. Hearing before Special Master if no compliance to the notice of violation

More information on the Code Enforcement process can be found in City Ordinance 343.

Special Master

The Special Master is a private Attorney licensed by the Florida Bar and under contract with the City to hear Code Enforcement related cases. The Special Master will hear all evidence and testimony and issue a Final order on the case. Anyone who has question or comments about a City Ordinance is encouraged to contact Ty Van Heerden or Frankie Fennell at 850-229-8261, option 4.

Your Code Enforcement Officer is dedicated to helping maintain our City in a clean, healthy and pleasant environment.