Community Cemeteries

The City of Port St. Joe has three cemeteries, two presently in use and one historical. Cemetery plots are available in Forest Hill Cemetery (located at 673 Twine Drive or GPS of Lat 29.780350 and Lon -85.272725) and Holly Hill Cemetery (located at 1665 Madison or GPS of Lat 29.792273 and Lon -85.276085). A mausoleum and perpetual care plots are available at Holly Hill Cemetery.

Historical Cemetery
The Old St. Joseph Cemetery is located at 2482 Garrison Avenue (GPS of Lat 29.792916 and Lon -85.287650) and was used during the days of St. Joseph 1835 - 1841 for victims of Yellow Fever.

Online Cemetery Plot Maps

Holly Hill Cemetery Plot Map & Search
Forest Hill Cemetery Plot Map & Search

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Prices and plot sizes for both cemeteries are:
Single plot $400.00 (5' x 10')
Double plot $600.00 (10' x 10')
Four plot $800.00 (20' x 10')
Eight plot $1200.00 (20' x 20')

A one-time fee of $30 is added to this amount to cover the cost of preparing and recording the cemetery deed with the Gulf County Clerk of Court.

Before a vault can be placed in the ground, the City must locate and mark the plot being used. 

Bottom row, Level D, $1,395.00 per crypt
Second row, Level C, $1,495.00 per crypt
Third row, Level B, $1,595.00 per crypt
Top row, Level A, $1,295.00 per crypt

These prices to not include the $595 to cover the cost of the brass name plate, vase holder ring and vase.

Perpetual Care
Single Plots $525.00
Double Plots $1,025.00
Click here for Ordinance #494 Guidelines and Fees