Buck Griffin Lake

Buck Griffin Lake was completed in 2007, a man-made body of water transforming an unused portion of the park system into one of the area's favorite parks.

Actually two small lakes in one, the Port City Trail system circles the southern lake and crosses between the two bodies of water over a wooden pedestrian bridge. Another wooden bridge crosses the lake at its southernmost end, and a fishing pier extends into the lake at the northern end.

This pet-friendly park offers a covered pavilion with picnic table, and freshwater fishing for the kids. Public restrooms are available nearby at Forest Park South, located across another foot bridge on the northern end of Buck Griffin Lake.

H. W. "Buck" Griffin was born in Calhoun County on September 21, 1915. He came to Port St. Joe from Blountstown in 1939 and served with the Port St. Joe Police Department from March 2, 1944 - January 19, 1979.

Chief Griffin gave unselfishly of himself to guide, encourage, and protect the children in our community. He exhibited an unlimited capacity for caring and compassion, a willingness to become involved and to make an investment in children's lives. Chief Griffin established the first kids' fishing rodeo in the early 1970's to afford children an opportunity to go fishing and have something to do in the summer. During parades the Chief's car was always filled with children who would rather ride in his car than watch the parade or ride on the fire truck.

A very giving individual, Chief Griffin worked on Sundays so his employees could attend church with their families. He would not accept a police vehicle of his own, thus allowing an extra vehicle for his officers.

Whether returning children who had wandered away from home, admonishing teenagers to behave themselves so he did not have to talk with their parents, or helping families in need, Chief Griffin was a man who loved his community and worked to make it the unique town we enjoy today.

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